Helps Budget-Conscious Municipalities Comply With OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard

Republished From PRNewswire's ( community-driven online library of SDS (safety data sheets) documentation has quickly become a highly regarded resource for municipalities, small businesses and institutions. The variety of materials available in the database – all of which are free – rivals that of any paid service, while being entirely user friendly. Moreover, the database is continually growing, as registered users contribute their own materials to the collection.

"It started out as a simple and free alternative to our paid service, but has really taken on a life of its own," says Douglas Beale, creator of "The site now has thousands of registered users, all sharing and contributing knowledge to the database."

Among those likely to reap the most benefits from are city managers and administrators, who are always looking for ways to save money, especially in the face of revenue shortfalls. The database offers a means to keep workers safe while not adding to budget woes.

In addition to city governments, schools, hospitals and professional individuals like doctors and chemists have joined the vibrant community at Essentially, anyone who manages a working environment where the employee handles potentially dangerous products must provide protective measures to prevent adverse effects from occurring. Those protective measures are explained in the form of safety data sheets published by the products manufacturer, and by regulation need to be made available to the employee.

Registered users of gain access to an online binder to store their own documents, those shared by other users, as well as those populated by Msds Catalog Service. Distribution of these documents is far less expansive via email, or by simply sharing the URL to the registered users' online binder, where they can be accessed at any time using any PC, tablet or smart phone.

Today, the database is quickly approaching the 100,000 documents stored threshold. This remarkable milestone has taken fewer than two years to reach. Value and convenience are what keep users coming back to the site – value not only with respect to free access, but also in terms of making OSHA compliance easier than it's ever been.

Msds Catalog Service, the company behind, is entering its sixth year of business providing generic and custom MSDS books to customers around the country. Learn more about what this valuable database service has to offer at


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