Complying With OSHA's Hazard Communications Standard

Small businesses still having trouble with OSHA's Hazcom Standard can try's free online msds binder

The OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) is something every workplace must comply with. In simple terms, it refers to the idea that employees must know if they are working with any dangerous chemicals, and what harm these chemicals can cause. Likewise, workplaces are required to inform employees what they must do to keep themselves safe from chemical exposure. This information can be found on the products safety data sheet (formally called Msds Sheets)

Any company working with any chemicals must have a proper hazard communication policy that complies with OSHA’s framework. A company also needs to train its employees so that they understand how to protect themselves and prevent any bad things from happening. U.S. employers are liable to comply with OSHA guidelines. This means that if they don’t have a proper hazard communication policy in place, and their employees aren’t properly made aware of the chemical dangers and how to deal with them, then they may be found liable.

This liability law has only been in effect since before June 2016, but due to recent changes many small companies are still struggling to adapt to it. Complying with OSHA’s HCS can be quite difficult, but things are about to be made a lot easier for employers in this situation. With MSDS Digital's free online msds binder, you will have access to all the data needed to put together a proper hazard communication policy.

There are thousands of MSDS or SDS sheets that users can view, print, or even download from this free online database. Register and get an online MSDS binder without paying a penny. It’s the perfect place to store all of the safety sheets needed to help teach employees about the chemical hazards they’re working with. The great thing is, you can view your binder from any device, be it desktop or mobile. Furthermore, you can share your binder with whoever you want.

The idea is that you use the free online database to search for relevant safety sheets that you can add to your binder. Then, share the binder with employees to help train them to understand the hazards in the workplace. If you feel as though there are some safety sheets missing from the database, contact MSDS Digital and request for specific sheets to be added. The database keeps growing and growing to help supply employers with the most up-to-date safety sheets. What’s more, you have to include all the MSDS sheets you use in your written hazard communication policy.

If you’re an employer struggling to comply with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, then this free tool will certainly help out. Instead of spending thousands of dollars elsewhere to gain access to all the relevant safety sheets, register for free on the MSDS Digital website, and begin searching through the database and creating a digital binder.  


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